Zip-U made its first product: Zipper Pulls.  We examined the current attachment methods for pulls to your zipper tab: split rings (fingernail busters), jump rings (bend together, then usually fail), skinny spring wire formed to a closed shape (no meat), then all attaching through a loop on top of the zipper pull-tab.  Reaching “outside the box” we developed a unique “U-shaped” claw-clip (documented with the USTPO) with a stainless panhead slotted screw closure and a finished block front.

The advantages are:

+  Easy installation and removal.  Simply back the screw out of the first set of threads and align it with the hole in your zipper tab, then tighten the screw to complete the installation.

The slot and clip create a back and forth rotation similar to the zipper tab itself, which is far superior to the sloppy side-to-side motion of a loop and the other inferior methods mentioned above.

+  A decorative “tricked-out” piece versus what appears to be an attachment afterthought.

Please see the application pictures below.






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